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About the bison

 About the Bison

In 1999 my fiancée and I spent a week in the Black Hills area. It was Custer State Park where we ambled into these majestic animals, Tatanka (Lakota language), Bison, or what we commonly call American Buffalo. This cow and calf were walking along the road and followed as we passed.

I sat in the window of the car to capture this memorable image. This pair was part of a herd relaxing by the road in the day’s sun.

The bison was the first icon of CPH Solutions LLC, and remains a part of the heritage.

The Bison have experienced a tremendous come-back in the past decade, both in the wild (typically in northern national and state parks), and now on ranches. Bison are raised naturally. They don’t need growth hormones or other drugs, as they are very hearty, even under extreme conditions, and need little attention compared with domesticated cattle. Bison products are surprisingly tasty, low in cholesterol and fat, and, in many ways, healthier than chicken. Try the St Paul Farmer’s Market in Lower Town where you can find some farmers and sellers of bison products.

It’s important to respect these creatures as they are unpredictable, and huge! Your technology problems can be, too, and that's where CPH Solutions LLC comes in.

Like the hearty bison, CPH Solutions LLC can get you working solidly, and seldom again will your technology cause you a discouraging word...

  Power On!

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