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About the bison

Q: What kind of experience does CPH Solutions LLC have?

A: Chuck Hauge, the Principal Consultant of CPH Solutions LLC, has worked with computer systems and networks for over 25 years, see Chuck's CV page. He started with an Apple II, and continued to gain expertise in both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

He has studied programming and supports several operating systems, from desktops and laptops to servers.

He has a valuable background in accounting and finance so he can also help your company get its accounting set up on your computers, while making suggestions to increase your efficiency and productivity.

NOTE: CPH Solutions LLC is not a CPA firm, specific legal accounting advice must come from a certified accountant.

Q: Is there anything CPH Solutions LLC can’t do?

A: Of course. We just can’t think of anything right now. Honestly, CPH Solutions LLC can support services ranging from major IT Project Management, long and short term IT Strategic Planning, Technology Training, Network and Wireless Setup, Virus and Spyware removal, to PC Setup and Configuration, Troubleshooting, Repair, and much more, see CPH Solutions LLC Services page.

There are some services CPH Solutions LLC knows are better handled by technical specialists. Our extensive network of colleagues and technicians can be called upon when unique skills are required.

We will recommend, and with your approval, engage these resources when it is in your best interest.

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