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Apple Announces Update to Mac OS X - Snow Leopard

Apple has announced they are working on an update to their operating system, nick named Snow Leopard. If the name is anything of a give-away about what Apple is to do in the new OS, remember the current shipping version of the Mac OS is named Leopard.

Well, Apple didn't make it much of a challenge for us to figure out what will be included, or better, what will not be included. That's right, even Apple has stated their update will not include new features, Snow Leopard will be, "taking a break from adding new features."

But don't fret, this is the best possible news! What this means is Apple will focus on improving current innovations, reducing the footprint of the OS, and improve performance. That is to say, Apple will fix nagging bugs, make the OS smaller so you have more hard drive space, and make it faster and more stable.

Now how long have we the users asked for no new features, just make what we currently have better? Well, Apple listened, and they're doing it! There is no release date yet, but Apple has said it will be released in about a year, likely to be Fall 2009. And if you're waiting for Microsoft's major Windows Vista update, you'll have to wait until after Apple releases Snow Leopard.

See Apple's announcement on Snow Leopard for more details.

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