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Free Macintosh Software (or almost free)*
  (Keep watching this page for updates!)

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CPH Solutions LLC Links to Free Multi-Platform Software

Combine PDF Files - A Great Utility Written by CPH Solutions LLC to Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One File
  (NOTE: Requires Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger, or higher)

Screen Capture - Another Great Utility Written by CPH Solutions LLC, This Gem Even Captures Stills of DVD Frames

Find Creator Type - The Great Utilities Never Stop Rolling Out from CPH Solutions LLC. By Draging a File Onto This Applicaiton You Can Discover the Creator and Type

Download CPH Solutions LLC System Performance Testing Tool
  (NOTE: Lower scores mean higher performace. You must have the Java Runtime Envrionment (JRE) 1.4.x
   or higher to run the performance tool. JRE is standard installed in Mac OS X 10.2 and higher.)

Various System Optimization & Performance Enhancement Utilities for Mac OS X  AppleJack - Runs in Single User Mode
 Mac HelpMate - Comprehensive Tools for Mac Support
 MacJanitor - Simple to Use
 OnyX - Simple to Use, Many Powerful Features
 Leopard Cache Cleaner - Also Has Some Very Good Internet Optimization Tools & Works With 10.3.9 - 10.5.x

SmartSleep - A System Preference to "Smartly" Set Your Computer to Sleep, or Hibernate, or Both

Flip4Mac - Windows Media Player Plugin for QuickTime

CyberDuck - Free FTP Utility

Chicken of the VNC - Free Software to Connect Remotely to Another Computer Over the Internet

TextWrangler - Free, Easy to Use and Comprehensive Text Editor for Complex Text Editing, Escpecialy Web Page Editing

FormulatePro - Free PDF Editor, Allowing You to Add Text and Graphics to Nearly Any PDF

ClamXav - Free Anti-Virus Software, Just for the Heck of it

HandBrake - Free Video RIPing Software

SimpleMovieX - Free Video Editing Software, an Alternative to iMovie, with a Few Limitations that iMovie does Not Have.

MacOSaiX - Free Software to Create PhotoMosaics with Your Own Photos

Carbon Copy Cloner - Donationware Backup Software, Works with OS X Server (read precautions)

Easy Find - This Free Software from DevonTechnologies Allows you to Find Files Using the Directory Name, Instead of the Limited Items Apple's Spotlight Finds

CronniX - Free Software that Allows You to Schedule Jobs and Processes on Your Mac

Safari Enhancer - Free Software Allows Safari to Spoof Internet Explorer 6, Great Tool if You Can't Get to an IE Only Web Page
Acid Search - Donationware Allows Additions and Custom Searches to the "Search Channel" Window in Safari.

Tinker Tool - Free Software to Give You More Functionality Of Mac OS X

Font Explorer - Free Software from LinoType to Detect and Disable Defective Fonts, and Easily Buy New Fonts

Airfoil - Demo Software to Send All Audio to Your Airport Express Wirelessly

iStumbler - Donationware, a Better Tool to Find Wireless Networks

Gas Widget - Free Mac OS X Tiger or Higher Gas Pricing Widget; Find the Best Gas Prices in Your Neighborhood!

Office XML Converter - Free Utility to Convert MS XML Office Files to Good Old Fashioned Office Files.

If you have an idea for software you would like to see listed, contact CPH Solutions LLC, and we'll see if it is something we could recommend and post it here.

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*Disclaimer - CPH Solutions LLC provides no guarantee or warranty to software quality, use at your own risk. Software developer may at any time change their policy to require payment for downloads.

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