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CPH Solutions LLC Stimulus Plan

In a bold move CPH Solutions LLC announces that even under tremendously increased costs over the past several years, CPH Solutions LLC looks to proivde it's own Stimulus Plan and  does not change their biling rates. *

Principal Consultant at CPH Solutions LLC, Chuck Hauge said, "It's unfair that the small businesses don't seem to be seeing the benefits that the massive 'too big to fail' companies are getting... What we're trying to do at  CPH Solutions is help everyone by resisting the temptation to raise our rates, even though costs have sky rocketed accross the board, and even though we provide more services than ever before..."

Hauge said he is looking for Stimulus money to offset the increased costs, but so far has not seen any programs that directly support the small business entrepreneur that look to help others. Hauge confirms his move is to assist his clientel's bottom line, "... all will be better served in doing so."

CPH Solutions LLC hopes that this will increase the activity with current clients, and bring in new clients. "A happy and efficient computer is worth much more than doing nothing, or having your personal efficiency plummet due to a poorly maintained computer," said Hauge. "My clients know I work with them to make them more effective and efficient at what they do, saving them money and time in the long run."

How will the economy react to such a move? Will CPH Solutions LLC start a trend others will follow? Only time will tell.

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